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Work in Germany for Nigerian Nurses

Work in Germany for Nigerian Nurses

Work in Germany for Nigerian Nurses

Applications are invited for young nurses Registered Nurses and degree B.Sc. Nursing graduates who would like to live and work in Germany.

Workers will be able to obtain long term work permit before emigration to Germany, they can also apply for permanent residence in Germany or German nationality.

Nurses will be eligible for IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) or HWK (Hanse- Wissenschaftskolleg) and will be able to work in other enterprises with the IHK or HWK professional qualification certificate.

Work in Germany for Nigerian Nurses
Work in Germany for Nigerian Nurses


  • Age range is 18-45 years old.
  • No gender limitation.
  • No crime and visa rejection record.
  • Holding the Level B1 and above language certificate of Goethe Institute. (Training program Available). Salary Range
  • During the initial 6 months to 1-year vocational training, 800-1200 Euros (slightly different in different states) every month
  • After passing German Level B2 examination. The salary is between 3300-3500 Euros per month but may differ due to different shifts and states.
  • Most of employees have 13-month salary (Christmas subsidy in December every year).
  • All employees enjoy the paid annual leave of 24-30 days. The specific period is determined as per the leave standard in each state. Our Services (Nigeria)
  • Facilitation of German Language training and registration of German B1 language examination.
  • Travel and emigration logistics support
  • Securing long term work permit from partner institutions in Germany. Upon arrival in Germany
  • Airport pickup and arrangement of accommodation.
  • Contacting German Language School so that nurses can immediately learn language after arriving in Germany.
  • Arranging for the nurses to participate in the vocational training, before work posting in Germany, and communication between students and employers.
  • Helping students to complete the authentication of German Certified Nursing Personnel and assisting in guiding students in German Visa processes.


  1. Program Registration
    1. Carpa Education – 100,000 Naira
  2. German Language training beginner (Level A) 3 months
    1. Uyo – 90,000
    1. Abuja – 90,000
  3. German Language training (Level B) 3 Months
    1. Uyo – 90,000
    1. Abuja – 90,000
  4. German Language B1 Exam
    1. Lagos Goethe Institut – 28,000 Naira
  5. German Visa Fees
    1. German Embassy – 29,000 Naira


  1. Accommodation cost: 200-500 EUR
  2. Tax (national or state taxes): the internship wage tax can be ignored.
  3. Health insurance cost: Five insurances and one fund total about 20%
  4. B2 examination training fees in Germany: VIP one by one 40 EUR / class hour; 300 EUR / month for large class (optional)
  5. B2 examination fees in Germany: 150 Euros (optional)
  6. Any other associated costs: SAFE reports € 100
  7. Specific enrollment time: March and September (Other times Negotiable)
  8. How long can I get the allowance after arriving in Germany?  After one month.
  9. Flight ticket to Germany?  1000 Euro – about 400,000 Naira.
  10. What are the specific ratios of insurance and taxes?  About 20%



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