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Here is a quick look at Carpa Education.
  • Company Profile

    Company name: CARPA EDUCATION

    Nature of business: EDUCTION CONSULTANCY

    Registration Number: RC: 2871630

    Registered Address: 325 Oron Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.




    Carpa Education is an Education Agency with global recognition and reputation – we provide consultation and advice to Students who desire to pursue higher education abroad. We believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality higher education. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention, who seek high quality education, great academic experience, unparalleled student services, globally recognizable qualifications and career prospects post qualification after studying in their chosen destination countries.

    We work in the best interest of both students and our partner universities and colleges - we are professional and reliable. We follow the British Council's "Guide to Good Practice for Education Agents" in our conducts and the Principles of ''London Statement''. Our activities also incorporate guidelines of Study UK, ICEF, CCEA and other professional bodies. In addition to the professional code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral and personal values to maintain high standards in our work. 


    Mission statement

    Our mission is to match students who desire genuine education with genuine education providers. We aim to take leadership in the student consultancy industry and set examples for others with our distinguished quality of services for students and education providers. We strive to uphold the excellence of higher education by providing inclusive, competent and professional supports to student community and educational institutions.

    Our vision

    To successfully match students with their chosen courses at a suitable institutions that are in the best interest of the student and represent their dreams and aspirations. To promote all round development of students’ abilities and personalities, and in the long term empower students to become global citizens. To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improve continually. To maintain the high standard of professionalism, performance and quality to establish exemplary excellence in higher education, and work together with prospective students and overseas colleges, universities and associate organizations.

    Marketing and promotions

    • Participating in educational and agents' events
    • Maintaining liaison with Education Providers i.e. local and international feeder institutions
    • Placing Advertisement in popular Newspapers 
    • Arranging leaflets, flyers distribution at focal points
    • Maintaining networks with key stakeholders
    • Arranging Event Marketing in key occasions at key places
    • Conducting digital and social marketing activities through digital and social media.

    Agent status and membership

    • ICEF – Trained Agent Counsellor (ITAC)
    • PIER (Professional International Education Resources) Agent
    • CCEA - Canada Course Graduate
    • British Council – Trained Agent


    Growth strategy

    • Our short-term plan is to increase the number of our partner educational institutions so that international students can enjoy more flexibility in their choices and we have courses and educational institutions for every single and specialized choice. Our long-term strategy is to open offices in Abuja the capital of Nigeria, Beijing and possibly UK.

    Key skills and core competences gained

    • Up-to-date knowledge of the overseas education sector
    • Intelligence on competitor activity
    • Fluency in student life in overseas education destinations
    • Mastery in marketing and promotional strategies
    • Listening with empathy and attention
    • Ability to read non-verbal signals, body language, variations of voice tones
    • Maintaining focus on customer needs
    • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships
    • Efficiency in taking initiatives and be creative
    • Organizing multiple tasks, effective work schedule
    • Applying flexibility with open mind and adapt with change
    • Maintaining teamwork and cooperation
    • Conducting responsiveness and responsibilities
    • Giving attention to detail and controlling quality
    • Training staff members and referees

    Our values

    • Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity
    • Open Communication and Transparency
    • Professional Skills and Due Care
    • Confidentiality and Professional Behavior
    • Inclusiveness, Impartiality and Respect
    • Consideration, Empathy and Inspiration

    Professional training undertaken

    • CCEA - Canada Course for Education Agent
    • ICEF Agent Training Course to support excellence and professional standards in international education
    • PIER (Professional International Education Resources) Agent Trainings
    • British Council - Study UK Guide for Education Agents and Councilors.


Start by calling one of our councilors or just dropping by our office. It might sound obvious, but if you don’t know something, you need to find someone who does. For most people, going to university abroad is something you’ve never done before. You may have studied at a local university or know someone who has been abroad, but going abroad for university is something entirely new. So it’s important that you get advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. And the key thing here is that it’s a trusted advisor. Don’t take your car to the mechanic with a bad reputation; go to the one with lots of happy customers. A good place to start looking for advice about applying to universities abroad is CARPA EDUCATION

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world are in English-speaking countries. Admission is difficult and competition is high. Add to that the fact that English might not be your native language, and you can see why getting into these universities can be challenging. If you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you might think you know enough English because English is the official language in the country, but you are wrong. You English probably needs a lot of work too. But don’t let that put you off.

By using our service you can be sure that you get all the assistance you need to make a successful application, and you can even secure guaranteed admission to one of our 700+ college and university partners, as soon as you meet the entry requirements. As part of the service, we offer English language programs for IELTS and TOEFL, so if your English doesn’t meet the required level, we can recommend the right course for you to improve.

Going straight to university isn’t the only option for getting a degree abroad. If you don’t quite meet the entry requirements, or if you want to get a feel for what higher education in an English-speaking country is like without committing fully to university life, you can join a college or join a pathway program as offered in countries like UK, Canada and US. These offer foundation courses which allow you to start with lower entry requirements, build up the academic knowledge and English proficiency that you need, and then transition to university when you’re ready. In fact, 45% of all undergraduates in the USA start at community college, and over 25,000 students a year choose Pathways, so these are options worth exploring. For Chinese universities, things are a lot easier, some universities might ask for English language requirements, though most may not, fees are much less expensive.

Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions of your life, but don’t let it be more complicated than it actually is. If you explore all of your options and get the best advice that you can, the decision will be much easier and clearer.
You can call our offices to speak with a consultant today to make an informed decision for your higher education abroad.
Apply for the right course at the right university with our professional help and guidance.
Obtain your admission, get qualified, reach your academic and career goals successfully.

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