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Enterprise Systems Management – MSc

Enterprise Systems Management – MSc
Starts from: September 1, 2019
£12,300 per year Apply Now
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Birmingham City University University House 15 Bartholomew Row Birmingham B5 5JU United Kingdom,London,United Kingdom

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Course Feature
  • Attendance Full Time, Part Time
Class Description

Planned business spend on IT continues to grow as business leaders put their trust in technology to drive business growth. Enterprise Systems Management is an innovative MSc degree course designed for those who want to pursue careers as managers and leaders in implementing technology-based information systems solutions and managing technological transformation within organisations.

What’s covered in the course?

You will explore systems and activities within an enterprise that bring together processes, people and technology, you will support digital transformation strategies, and help streamline operations to gain competitive advantages, improved performance and reduced operational costs.

You will learn:

  • Strategic IS Planning: How to develop a strategic IS/IT plan that is aligned to the strategic information needs of the business.
  • Enterprise Systems: How to manage the business processes to support the organisation to gain competitive advantage, improve performance, reduce operational cost, implement efficient business processes, and improve real-time decision-making capabilities via Enterprise Systems (ES), which incorporates ERP, CRM, SCM, and so forth.
  • Operations Management: How to analyse, design and develop an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. MRP I, MRPII and PLM are core ERP technologies that have migrated from Manufacturing Industries to the Service sector.
  • Digital Change Management: How to address the socio-technology challenges of leveraging value from the IS/IT in the digital society using agile methods. This involves making sense of the business requirements in order to ensure the end products will solve the business problem. Business Intelligence and Technology Entrepreneurship: How to manage and apply a range of visualisation tools to analyse and make business sense of data lakes, and to exploit data to construct informed business decisions.
  • Principles of Project Management: How to deliver strategic value within an organisation and ensure the project (or business solution) is completed on time, within budget, within scope and at the desired performance level.
  • Individual Master’s Project: A practice-based module working in collaboration with an organization or research-based project within the Socio-Technical Systems Research group to apply multi-disciplinary skills to design innovative solutions to the challenges of digital transformation.

To further recognise the significance of employability and to complement the academic content of this programme you are also provided the opportunity to undertake SAP Certification in a number of key areas including Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) or Business Warehouse (BW).

Graduates from the course will be equipped for careers in a range of sought-after positions including: Junior Consultant, Project Manager, Change Analyst, Digital Transformation – Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst

Why Choose Us?

  • You will have the opportunity to work in teams and collaborate on projects.
  • You will learn through case studies, live briefs, discussion and plenary to develop a greater understanding of current challenges facing business and enterprise.
  • You will develop management and consultancy skills through critical thinking, appraisal and analysis.
  • You will enjoy a high-quality learning experience aligned to real-life business development challenges.
  • You will utilise ERPsim to gain experience of end-to-end business processes, using virtual business scenarios to evaluate the impact of integration of processes on manufacturing and business analytics.
  • Graduates of this course are highly sought-after with the multidisciplinary skills necessary to manage strategic and high impact enterprise change.
  • The Faculty is a member of SAP University Alliance. This programme provides you with the opportunity to undertake SAP certification in a number of key areas including Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Warehouse.



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