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Future Media – MA / MSc

Future Media – MA / MSc
Starts from: September 1, 2019
£12,300 per year Apply Now
Campus Location

Birmingham City University University House 15 Bartholomew Row Birmingham B5 5JU United Kingdom,London,United Kingdom

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Course Feature
  • Attendance MA - Full Time MSc - Full Time
Class Description

Future Media: Pro is a postgraduate MA/MSc programme that does what it says:

  • Future is finding your future and exploiting future developments in the digital marketing and advertising industry.
  • Media is acquiring your digital media skill-set with top media agencies and emerging technologies.
  • Pro means proving your professionalism in experiential assignments and professional practice.

The MA and MSc Future Media: Pro course uniquely combines professional agency practice with the latest industry insights and authoritative academic methods. It’s a winning formula and a proven pathway to success for our graduates:

“I’ve received three job offers, before finally accepting a role as a Digital Marketing Executive… All my interviewers regarded the Future Media: Pro course as exceptional and unique…” Matt Harrison, MSc Future Media: Pro graduate 2015.

“Today is the first day of the internship that I secured after graduating from the course… and everything they’ve thrown at me so far, Future Media: Pro has made me fully equipped to deal with …” Rishma Hansil, MA Future Media: Pro graduate 2015.

What’s covered in the course?

Our courses ensure you gain real-world experience and knowledge so that you are ‘agency ready’ when you graduate. In your year on the programme, you’ll be planning digital marketing and advertising campaigns with leading digital agencies, developing brand and product promotions with prestigious clients, making mobile, social  and virtual content with award-winning industry professionals and building new user journeys with emerging technologies and state-of-the –art resources.

For the first nine months, you’ll have classes three days per week (usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) in the New Technology Institute at Birmingham City University’s new £31 million Curzon B building. For the remaining three months you’ll be collaborating with industry partners to professionalise your own expertise in the agency skill-sets you want develop: MA students tend to choose broad, strategic and creative roles while MSc students often prefer tactical, planning and analytics roles. Either way, we’ll give you the tools you need to realise your ambitions.

You’ll get to work with top agency professionals and impressive client accounts on state-of-the-art campaigns as you tackle challenging briefs with our industry partners who include some of the worlds most important agencies: Unruly, Mediacom, Think Jam, Found, Red Bee Media, AMV XLAB  and SapientNitro. And, you’ll  be working in multidisciplinary teams to broaden your skill-sets as well as fine-tuning your own expertise with your MA and MSc peers.

“Thanks to Future Media, my final project and your mentorship… I secured an internship, got my visa and now I’m a full time Account Manager working at Ping Pong Digital…” Amy Zhu, Account Manager, Ping Pong Digital, MA Future Media 2014-15

Why Choose Us?

  • All our staff are professional academics with decades of proven experience and award winning track records in digital marketing communications and advertising.
  • Our industry partners are in the world’s top agency listings with global clients, some of the most famous brands in the world, elite credentials and internationally awarded campaigns that reach billions of users around the planet every moment of every day and in every conceivable way.
  • All your assignments are rooted in real-world briefs with prestigious links to industry and bespoke professional mentoring so you learn the skills by doing the job.
  • Your final three-month project is all about you, your choices and your professional development: most students who leverage their project as a mentored conduit to employment gain a job in their field of choice.



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