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Coronavirus – Emergency contact persons for Nigerian students in China


Coronavirus – Emergency contact persons for Nigerian students in China. The Nigerian embassy, in a statement on Saturday advised Nigerian nationals to reach out to the Minister Consular and Immigration, Mr Austine Ekeayanwu on telephone number, +8615010266280, Minister/Political, Mrs Ayo Luther-Ogbomode, +8613716244174 and Lawal Bappah, Minister/Public Communication, on +8613520156753.

The Nigerian Embassy in China has advised Nigerians including international students of Nigerian origin living in China to stay indoors, take all necessary precautions and strictly adhere to all medical precautions and instructions issued in respect of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The Mission also advised Nigerians to maintain regular contact with some officers and to apprise the Embassy of developments as they unfold.

The public statement read as follows “The Federal Republic of Nigeria wishes to remind Nigerians living in the People’s Republic of China to be more vigilant in the face of the current outbreak of coronavirus in the country”.

Nigerian associations, such as Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO CHINA) and the Association of Nigerian Students in China (ANSIC) as well as Nigeria-China Bilateral Education Agreement Scholars Association (NCBEA) and their representatives are encouraged to remain calm and abide by all public health announcements and instructions issued by various Chinese authorities to protect themselves from the current scourge of the recent coronavirus outbreak.

The advisory asked the citizens to avoid crowded and closed areas as well as close contact with people who might likely be carriers of the dreaded virus.

It further admonished them to always wash their hands and face regularly and maintain personal hygiene and wear surgical masks, especially when stepping out from their respective accommodations.

“The Embassy wishes to express confidence in the extensive measures adopted by the Chinese authorities to curb the spread of the virus. The Embassy prays and hopes that the scourge will soon be brought under control,” it said.


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Emergency contact persons for Nigerian students in China



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